Like many watching that night I was not expecting the outcome we got.  Honestly, I don’t think Trump was really expecting to win.  If you watch the videos of him, he looks surprised when he realized he won.  Really, who expected him to win?  He was treated as a joke by the media, who still gave him more coverage than any of the Republicans running against him in the primaries and still continued to give him unprecedented coverage and seemed to not call him on his lies.  It was all a joke.  Until it wasn’t.

I remember staying up till around two in the morning and then going to bed.  Even though it wasn’t officially over the outcome was pretty much determined by then.   I was visiting my Mom for the election.  Since 2008 I’ve made it a point to be there for election night.  We sat up and watched President Obama’s win both times.  I was so proud of my Mom for voting for President Obama.  You have to understand my Mom is or was at that time, a seventy-something, Southern woman raised in the country.  While she raised me not to be prejudiced, she still had some indoctrinations from her upbringing.  I would say it was a pretty safe bet that most of her family voted against President Obama and most of the people that lived around her.  She was so happy when he won.  For this election, my Mom made it till about midnight and then called it a night.

One of my biggest worries is that the Democrats learned nothing from this night.  They act as if they are right and everyone else is wrong.  When you can lose an election to someone as obviously incompetent as Trump when you have the majority of people voting for you, you as a party are doing something wrong.  Today a poll came out and Democrats were less popular than Trump today and Trump is trending at stupid low popularity numbers.  But the Democrats are still lower.  And if you watch them and listen to them they talk about all they have to do is steady the course and the public will realize that they are right and come running back.

They need to figure that isn’t going to happen and they need to figure it out fast.  The public is fired up and out in the streets showing how much they hate the current regime and the midterm elections will be a great time to turn the tide on what’s happening.  I was surprised that the Republicans won both houses during the election, with the feeling that people wanted a major change.  The problem is that as unpopular as the Republicans are the Democrats as even less popular.  So while the Democrats may be thinking that they have the midterms wrapped up with a bow on top, they need to realize that even if people don’t like the Republicans they like them even less.  The Democrats are counting on the Republicans pissing off people so bad before then, that they’ll have a chance.  While it does look good at the Republicans doing that, the Democrats are walking a very dangerous tightrope if they continue on their course and just expect the public to vote them in.

In future posts I’ll talk about some of what I think they can do, but right now I see so much complanecy with the Democrats that it scares me.  The best chance we have as a country to take back our Freedoms that Trump and the Republicans are selling out is to win the midterms and I worry that the Democrats will be able to do that if they continue as they are.